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Author: Joan Simons

Top Reasons to Travel via Chartered Jet

Top Reasons to Travel via Chartered Jet

Whether your travel is for business or for pleasure or for a little bit of both, traveling around the world has its perks and also its disadvantages. Most of the disadvantages, however, don’t relate to the destination but more to the travel experience. After all, who can actually get comfortable enough to sleep on a tiny cramped airline chair?


A Private Flight

The term private flight truly means private when you are using a chartered jet. While traveling private on a commercial airline simply means that you are traveling first class, with a chartered jet, the only people on the plane who aren’t working for you is you and your passengers. This means that you can feel free to discuss what ever business you have on the plane during the flight without any concerns that somebody is lightning and could be potentially collecting trade secrets.



On Your Own Time

Have you ever found yourself running through an airport trying to catch your flight because the check in counter was too busy? If you can remember this then you can also remember that it isn’t a fun affair and leaves you exhausted as you board your flight. While there isn’t much that you can do about the check-in line for commercial flights or when their cheapest flights are, when it comes to a chartered jet, the checking procedure involves on you and your passengers meeting with the crew. This means that you can book the plane to take off at any time you choose from any destination that is available, without having to wait for the airline’s specified flight times and routes.


Travel in Comfort

As was mentioned in the introduction, as much as commercial airlines boast that their ears are now larger, they are never really going to reach the level when you would consider yourself to be comfortable. This is simply because there isn’t enough room on the plane for every passenger to have their own space.


On a chartered jet, however, the space is entirely devoted to you and your passengers. THis means that you don’t have to worry about restrictive armrests, tray tables, or even small screens. Instead, these are places with luxurious lounges, spacious eating areas and large televisions and monitors to display your media.

Take What You Want

Have you ever been stopped while proceeding through the security screening process only to be told that some of the items in your bag can not be taken on board and need to be disposed of? If you have then you know just how annoying this can be.


While you can’t expect to take anything too hefty on board, when it comes to taking items on board a chartered jet, the only limitations are those imposed by the charter company. That is to say, not many. This means that you can take all of your creams and moisturizers you purchased from the Groupon Coupons page for Kohls without worrying about being stopped. The reason for this is because charter jet providers look to offer their passengers a smoother and less restricted form of travel


The next time that you and your colleagues are required to travel for work, instead of defaulting to a commercial airline, check out chartered jet options and enjoy the benefits.